Honda CBR 125 R
HondaCBR 125R 2005
Honda CBR 125R 2005

Engine Size


Engine Cycle

4 Stroke

Tyre Pressure (Front/Back)

29psi (2 bar) / 33psi (2.27 bar)

The Honda CBR125R is a replacement for the discontinued NSR125. It is a 4 stroke engine with 124.7cc, designed for markets in developing countries. 


2006 Honda CBR125R 4

The early CBR125R.

It is powered by a liquid-cooled four-stroke, two-valve SOHC, single cylinder 124.7 cc engine with a claimed power rating of 10 kW (13 hp). The Repsol color scheme was introduced in 2005 and remained for the following year only as the CBR125RS5/6.

In 2005 the CBR125 was produced in the Repsol Orange, White and Red color scheme.


Cbr 125r

2007 Honda CBR125R

2007 model received fuel injection, as well as a restyled body fairing which resembles the CBR600RR


The design of the new CBR125R is based on the CBR250R.
Blaue Honda CBR 125R

2011 Honda CBR125R.